• SWIBA is a Tissue Bank and Tissue Donation Center

"Knowing that I can help improve many lives by donating my body to SWIBA is gratifying." - Gene

Why SWIBA? Tissue Bank & Tissue Donation

SWIBA is a state-of-the art surgical training facility and tissue bank serving the southern Arizona community. Through our training facility, local physicians and first responders can gain real, hands on experience ensuring that the health and safety of our community is unsurpassed.

SWIBA is also a non-transplant anatomical tissue donation organization giving interested whole body donors the option to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. There is no cost for the tissue donation process as well as no cost cremation or transportation within the state of Arizona.

We uphold the highest level of ethics, industry standards, compassion, care, and professionalism for our donors, their family members, medical professionals, and the community.

More About Tissue Donation and Our Tissue Bank

The tissues that are donated from our human donors assist researchers in our lab to find innovative ways to cure and treat diseases. Scientists not only need non-affected tissue, but also tissue that is effected by disease. That was the non-affected tissue can be used as a "control" in preventing and understanding the disease process. This researches makes it possible to progress on new cures for diseases such as dementia, diabetes, and cancer.


• Southern Arizona’s Largest surgical training Facility

• A Medical Education and Research Tissue Organization Licensed in Multiple States

• Nationally Accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB)

Ready to Donate to SWIBA?

Please call 1-800-723-3031 or click here to register.

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