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Ready to Donate Your Body to Science with SWIBA?

SWIBA's whole body donation programs support medical education and research. We are dedicated to improving lives and accelerating medical advancements through the recovery and use of donated tissue.

Donated tissues from donors assist our researchers in our cadaver lab to find new ways to treat and cure diseases. A history of disease in a donor does not exlude donation for our medical research. Scientists need tissue that is affected by a disease as well as non-affected tissue to use as a "control" in understanding and preventing diseases such as cancer, dementia, and diabetes.

The Southwest Institute for Bio-Advancement is one of only a few nationally accredited non-transplantable tissue banks. We prioritize our focus here locally whenever possible. SWIBA works with a variety of universities, hospitals, and surgical training facilities. We also have a state of the art surgical training facility that is essential in training local surgeons, physicians, and first responders.

How to Donate Your Body to Science

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SWIBA is a state-of-the art surgical training facility serving the southern Arizona community. Through our training facility, local physicians and first responders can gain real, hands on experience. This ensures that the health and safety of our community is unsurpassed.

SWIBA is also a non-transplant anatomical tissue donation organization. We give interested whole body donors the option to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. There is no cost for the donation process, cremation, or transportation within the state of Arizona. Donate your body to science research today with SWIBA.

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