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"Donating though SWIBA was a great decision for our family. The SWIBA team helped us through a difficult situation and treated our family with the utmost care and professionalism." - Margaret

Medical Advancements Through Organ, Tissue, and Whole Body Donation Programs

SWIBA’s whole body donation programs eliminate traditional funeral expenses while supporting medical education and research. We are dedicated to improving lives and accelerating medical advancements through the ethical recovery and use of donated tissue.

Although SWIBA is one of only a few nationally accredited non-transplantable tissue banks, whenever possible we prioritize our focus here locally. We work with a variety of hospitals, universities, and surgical training facilities right here in Arizona! Additionally, we have a state of the art surgical training facility located on premises that is essential in training local physicians, surgeons, and first responders. If you would like to participate in our whole body donation programs, please call our toll-free number or download a registration packet below.

More about SWIBA's Whole Body Donation Programs

Our whole body donation programs help researchers find new ways to cure and treat diseases. Doctors, physicians, and medical educators around the world rely on donated tissue to help medical advancements and to complete studies on many serious diseases that continue to affect the world. View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Ready to Donate to SWIBA?

Please call 1-800-723-3031 or click here to register.

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